Vegan ice cream without the extras

What is there not to love about ice cream? Creamy, sweet, fruity – the stuff childhood memories are made of. So when dairy is not on the menu what can our plant-based kids look forward to when they’ve eaten all their veges for dinner?

vegan icecream

There are of course the commercial dairy-free ice creams but beware the multitude of additives, sweeteners and hydrolysed soy proteins. This is where food becomes product and they’re not a good choice on a regular basis, not to mention pricey!

Vegan icecream ideas

Recently declared “the best ice cream ever” by our 6-year-old taster was coconut cream blended with frozen pineapple and a splash of maple syrup and then frozen. Because of the fat in the cream it is easily served straight from the freezer with perhaps 5 minutes warming up time.

Another version is leftover green smoothie mixed with a little coconut milk or other non dairy milk. Any smoothie can basically be frozen and then fed through a Champion or Oscar juicer to homogenise into a delicious soft serve.

Other options:

Frozen bananas blended with soy or almond milk and a tsp of vanilla. Adjust the flavour using cocoa or frozen berries. Freeze then blend or homogenise.

Freeze chopped up pears and homogenize them in your juicer and mix with lemon juice, ginger and a dash of agave nectar.

And my personal favourite is avocado ice cream, chocolate or lime flavoured.

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