Katie Gets Juicy

The Juice on Juice

It’s cucumber season folks! Get them down your juicer in all their watery alkalising wonder-full-ness.

Add in celery stalks, a couple of apples, green leaves (any or all of the following: kale, parsley, chard, lettuce), a slice of lime and a knob of ginger.

Now sip your way to health!

Juicing makes nutrients readily available for the body and is an amazing addition to your health regime.

Drink your juice within 20 minutes to receive the maximum benefit. I do jar up extra and put it in the fridge for a smoothie later depending on time. And I always rinse off my juicer before I drink my juice (me and my juicer get on better that way).

Another tip is to wash and bag your greens straight from the market. That way you’re ready to go for a fresh pick-me-up morning & afternoon.

To juice or blend?

I like to do both and again it depends on my day. I start with a juice for a lighter start to the day often pre and post exercise – then I eat! If I’m on the run then a smoothie keeps me fuller for longer.

Blending provides maximum nutrients plus the fibre of whole blended fruit and vegetables.

Hard or frozen fruits go well through the juicer – pineapple is a favourite icy addition to a fresh green juice. Softer fruits are better blended.

Group colours together, eg, beetroot, blueberry, red kale; carrot, mango, orange; celery, cucumber …. but if you mix them up and they come out brown – it’s still going to be good for you!

For smoothies check out this page

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