How to go dairy free

Are you thinking how to go dairy free? You can be forgiven if giving up dairy is hard for you. IT IS HARD! At first anyways.

Yoghurt, ice cream and milkshakes are the summery fun memories of childhood; with brie and a bit of stinky blue keeping adults in reach of the cheese board.

Dairy foods are everywhere.

In most households and schools, this food group is considered completely normal and necessary.

But is it?

We are after all the only species to drink another’s mother milk. Hop over to Why I Don’t Drink Milk for my take on the subject.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the sharp savouriness of cheese and the creaminess of cream. Here’s how I create that using only plants.

How to go dairy free

  • “No not the parmesan!” It did once seem the essential companion to all things Italian. Now I grind equal part savoury yeast with walnuts, cashews or almonds and a little rock salt. Note: you want savoury yeast (also called nutritional yeast) NOT Brewer’s – you’ll find it at the health food store and some supermarkets.
  • You’ll be wondering what you ever saw in that old cheese sauce. Check out this Creamy Leek Sauce alternative.
  • I do confess yoghurt was the last dairy to leave the nest for me. Now I’m more than happy with blended fruit on cereal. Try orange & banana; mango & pineapple; frozen banana & berries.
  • For a more yogurty yog try tofu blended with maple syrup, lemon juice, frozen bananas, berries or fav fruit combo & vanilla essence. Or you can make your own fermented yoghurt.
  • Try these recipes for vegan sour cream and cashew mustard mayo
  • And icecream!

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