1 dip to rule all others

I tip my hat to Lindley from Clements Road Seasonal Produce for linking me to this River Cottage recipe.

In a word: stunning.

It goes something like this:SAM_1651 (Small)

  • Cook a couple of beets until soft.
  • Toast a sprinkle of cumin seeds in a dry pan until the aroma is released ~1 min. Grind seeds.
  • Place beets & cumin in food processor with 1 tablespoon tahini, a piece of oldish bread (I used toast), juice of a lemon, crushed garlic to taste, salt and pepper.
  • Add beet cooking water to thin if necessary. Play around with amounts of cumin and garlic to suit your tastes.

Spread on everything!

And be sure to wash and bag the beet leaves for your green smoothies.SAM_1652 (Small)

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