Seven Steps To A Frazzle-Free Xmas

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Is your calender a mass of end-of-year parties, pot lucks and prize-givings? And your to-do list looks like it’s on steroids!

Itʼs a hard time of year to keep your tinsel on straight.

But with a bit of planning and good self care, you can side step the mayhem and sail smoothly and happily towards the end of the year.

Here are 7 things that will save you crying into your truffles.


Say no. You donʼt have to go to everything youʼre invited to.

Be mindful of your energy. Itʼs not as limitless as your second glass of Pinot Gris will have you think.

Endless parties and out-of-the-ordinary amounts of food, wine and late nights can deplete your energy and add to your physical and emotional stress. This in turn compromises your immune system and by the time you roll out your beach towel youʼre fighting a cold or another inopportune infection.

If an invitation doesnʼt invoke a “hell yes!” then donʼt go.

Trust your intuition on this one.


Master a BIG salad and take it everywhere. Many casual summer events require you to take food. Keep it simple and perfect one recipe that you love. If thereʼs no other plant-based dishes on the table your salad will save you and keep you far away from the sausage rolls.

Try this one with new potatoes, cucumber and spicy chickpeas

Or these striking quinoa lettuce cups


Keep it green. Starting the day with alkalising green juices and smoothies is the perfect antidote to the seasonʼs over indulgences. It gets you off to a healthy start and lays a good foundation for the rest of the day.

Make double so you can keep your energy humming through the three oʼclock energy lag.


Shop locally. I love this option. Supporting the small businesses and artisans around you creates the goodwill Xmas is all about. And youʼre bound to come away with more interesting gifts. The frenetic energy of towns and cities at this time of year affects us all. Thereʼs a collective overload happening everywhere and it’s possible youʼre picking up on more than your own stress.

Avoid the crowds, corporations and bad Christmas music. Shop close to home.9FGrYgOMQOetXBZZs3uA__MG_0328 (Small)


Keep meals light and plant-based. In all honesty the meals of old used to leave me feeling like a cement mixer. No offence to the pavlova Mum but the lashings of cream + sugar were the final kicker.

Woo your friends and family with the best the season has to offer: new potatoes, asaragus, avocados, vine-ripened tomatoes, baby zucchini.

And when in doubt make these chocolate truffles.


If you are frazzled you can bet your kids are more so. Let’s face it they’re already tired. It’s the end of a big long year for them whatever age.

Add parties, more sugar than usual, late nights, long car trips, high excitement and people they’re not used to and well, it’s hard for them to cope.

Factor in time just for them and fill up their emotional tank. Stuff in some early nights and keep food as real as you can.

And if they do melt down stay connected and stick to your parenting values. This is not the time for outdated advice from Aunt Margaret. Do it your way.


Be grateful. Most of us get to celebrate with those we love. Weʼre lucky. So incredibly lucky. We have food, shelter and more than we need. We can freely sing praises and rejoice. We can be generous, help others and make memories.

Most of all. Be grateful for who you are. Because youʼre amazing.

Christmas blessings

Love Kate  xx