Change a habit. Change your life

Two unexpected things happened when I attended Kara-Leah Grantʼs Habit Hacking workshop.

First I arrived sure of the habit I wanted to take on and walked out doing something completely different! And second I had no idea of the ripples changing this one thing would have in my life.

“The thing you want to change often arises out of the soul,” explains Kara-Leah. “Itʼs like following the breadcrumbs without knowing where it will lead. But deep within you there is a knowing.”

“And when you change just one thing itʼs like you pull a thread and the whole tapestry is revealed!”Kara_Leah_Grant_PRO (Small)

Since the early ’00s, yoga has been a core practice in Kara-Leahʼs life.

“Yoga was like coming home for me. There was a deep inner knowing. But I was semi regular with it. Iʼd do a little Ashtanga here and a little Bikram there. I donʼt remember a home practice.

“When I experienced psychosis, I was doing yoga in the psych ward. I knew it was my path to wellness.”

Living in a remote part of NZ Kara-Leah started practicing yoga at home as there was no teacher in the area. A year or so later, living in Queenstown, the yoga teacher asked her to take over the class as she was going on maternity leave.

“Teaching required me to step up my daily practice. I was committed to my students. I had to be on my mat.

“Thatʼs when I started to realise the yoga of yoga was overcoming the resistance. Sometimes it was like wading through molasses to get to the mat!

“Itʼs the dissolution of the ego, and it doesnʼt want to dissolve.”

Completing her teaching training took Kara-Leah deeper into her own practice.

“I started a kundalini practice where I chose to do a particular kriya (action) for 40 days. The 40-day practice became a way of giving my yoga some kind of anchor. Although I did other practices, that was my absolute.

“I developed a really good understanding of overcoming obstacles and resistance.”

Kara-Leahʼs book Forty Days of Yoga has inspired many to get to their mats and cultivate a daily yoga practice. Even if itʼs just for seven minutes.

“In essence the core of habit hacking is a yogic way of life. Itʼs a very liberating process that anyone can use for any habit they want to change.

“The big thing with habit hacking is weʼre holding one thing constant. And that which opposes it also has to change. So the resistance, the thought, the belief pattern that gets in the way of the habit has to change.”

For Kara Leah’s Habit Hacking workshops and yoga events around NZ see her events calendar


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