How to Activate your Energy & Age Well

I used to associate aging with aches n’ pains, decreased function, s l o w i n g d o w n?

As a nursing student I’d hope and pray I didn’t end up like the elderly patients I was looking after.

Today my mother keeps telling me “old age is NOT for wimps”. I get it. It’s hard when you’re not well AND you’re old.

However, if we look at populations who age well and in good health – they seem to do things differently.

These long-living populations tend to:

  • eat mostly plants, their diets are high in fibre & antioxidants
  • eat fewer calories overall and less ’empty’ calories
  • eat up to ten serves of vegetables per day
  • move their bodies daily
  • enjoy social connection
  • have a form of prayer or spiritual practice
  • maintain connection to local herbal folklore

Zoom in on that last bullet point. Herbal folklore.

Herbs are our very own medicine chests full of potent health giving & healing qualities.

Diets packed with these powerful activators have an edge. And science has caught up.

15 years ago Life Vantage came up with a synergy of powerful herbs that did something amazing. After countless combinations they struck, literally gold, in terms of what this synergy could do.

And that’s activate the Nrf2 pathway.

“… NrF2 which may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”
Study by Washington State University

You see the Nrf2 pathway is a messenger protein that ‘talks’ to our genes. In particular, the genes in charge of antioxidant enzymes – like glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

As we age, this protein pathway slows down and simply doesn’t activate this protective mechanism as well as when we’re young.

Activating antioxidants cleans up our cells from free radical damage. Yes we can eat them (and that’s a really good idea) – but we can also make our own! This was news to me.

And here’s the important part. By reducing free radical damage we lower oxidative stress (aka cellular stress).

Protandim Nrf2

Let’s find out what this activator called Protandim Nrf2 is made from. You’ll probably recognise some of these powerful plants.

I’ve only been using Protandim for a short while.
It’s already the best “supplement” I’ve ever used.

So why am I recommending it?

Frankly, I feel so good on it and have seen wonderful results in others.

I feel better. Sleep better. Think better. Move better.

Plus there is an impressive amount of independent research behind all Life Vantage products and that’s important to me.

Turning back the clock

Surely a super healthy lifestyle will be enough to slow the tides of aging?

For some yes (see the above list). And for most of us living in this fast-paced modern world. Not really.

That’s where the unique action of Protandim comes in.

Your DNA is not your destiny. You can stack the odds in your favour through your choices.

  • Good nutrition.
  • Exercise.
  • Sleep.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Oxidative stress reduction.

The good news is, we’re closer to health & happiness than we think!

Protandim takes the biology that much closer and deeper. And provides measurable results.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Dr Gail Pearson explain how each of three Protandims work independently and together.

In closing, I call it health insurance.

Imagine having peace of mind you’re doing the best for your cellular health all the while feeling, sleeping & looking better.

Product summary:

Protandim Nrf2 activates antioxidant production reducing oxidative stress.

Protandim Nrf1 activates mitochondrial health & protection, supporting energy formation and cellular metabolism.

Protandim NAD activates sirtuin activity known to support cardiovascular function, healthy cholesterol, joint health, mood and more.

Plus the Nrf2 technology is in the skincare & haircare, which I love!

Want to feel better? Contact me via the contact page. I’d be happy to chat about what products would suit you

To your good health.

Kate x

DISCLAIMER NOTE: LifeVantage and it’s Distributors cannot and do not claim that any of their products prevent, diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease or illness in any marketing materials or labeling.