Crispy Waffles

I’ve never found waffles particularly easy to make until now. What we want is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and how NOT to have them stick & split in the waffle maker. Be sure to read the tips below. I’ve used half chickpea flour to increase the protein factor. It’s ok to […]

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Chia Pudding

This is heallthy pud at its best. Soothing and satisfying, chia pudding delivers protein, omegas, fibre, calcium & magnesium. Make in the morning for dessert or the night before for breakfast. I’m usually not that organised and will mix them up, stir, let sit and layer onto fruit compote or a smoothie bowl. Get creative […]

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How to make your own non dairy yoghurt

Have you tried it? It’s pure white and silky with just the right amount of tartness. There’s no sugar, no chemicals, no animal proteins. And it’s so deeply satisfying that you won’t mind paying the extra dollars for it. I’m talking about coconut yoghurt. Yes there is fat. Diving into bowls of the stuff will […]

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chocolate cranberry granola (Small)

Chocolate Cranberry Granola

Chocolate for breakfast is really ok. Seriously ok in fact. And what I love about this combo is that no one (as in smallish child) notices the buckwheat or the flaxseed. Or the fact that it’s no where near as sweet as those ‘healthy’ cereals from the supermarket. And the base ingredients are cheap and […]

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Vegan waffles

We were firmly a pancake family on Sundays. That was until our lovely American neighbours moved in across the street and we learnt about waffles. We’ve been cranking them out ever since. This recipe is a lot lower in fat than your standard waffle recipe so make sure you cook them well to avoid sticking. […]

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