Dairy free


Lime & Raspberry Coconut Loaf

If ever there was an easy vegan loaf it’s this one. Inspired by my partner’s ex wife’s partner’s mother (we like to keep things in the family!) I’ve added in the lime & raspberries with lime drizzle over the top. In its plainest form it’s completely delicious – so if you have neither lime nor […]

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vegan sour cream

Vegan sour cream

This creamy vegan sour cream is all kinds of awesome. It literally blows people away with its uncanny resemblance and, I think, superior taste to traditional sour cream (in fact I can’t really remember what it tasted like!). But this version is so handy for blobbing on top of chilli beans or a baked potato […]

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How to make your own non dairy yoghurt

Have you tried it? It’s pure white and silky with just the right amount of tartness. There’s no sugar, no chemicals, no animal proteins. And it’s so deeply satisfying that you won’t mind paying the extra dollars for it. I’m talking about coconut yoghurt. Yes there is fat. Diving into bowls of the stuff will […]

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How to go dairy free

Are you thinking how to go dairy free? You can be forgiven if giving up dairy is hard for you. IT IS HARD! At first anyways. Yoghurt, ice cream and milkshakes are the summery fun memories of childhood; with brie and a bit of stinky blue keeping adults in reach of the cheese board. Dairy […]

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Beans in Paprika Sauce

Need hearty, tasty, impressive? This little number does all that and comes together in a flash. Combine with Moroccan couscous or any favourite grain and fresh greens. The smoked paprika is the clincher – make sure you have some. Ingredients 1 large onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 red capsicum, diced 1/2 C vegetable […]

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