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Crispy Waffles

I’ve never found waffles particularly easy to make until now. What we want is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and how NOT to have them stick & split in the waffle maker. Be sure to read the tips below. I’ve used half chickpea flour to increase the protein factor. It’s ok to […]

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Chewy chickpea cookies

I’m loving these high protein gluten-free cookies. They’re super easy to make, great for the lunch box and perfect for a mid morning cuppa. Warning: eating only one is a little tricky. The chia seeds act as an egg substitute bringing essential omegas and slow release energy, whilst also being another source of protein. But […]

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Iron-rich truffles kids will love

And mums and dads! Here we combine iron rich foods – prunes, walnuts, raw cacao/dark cocoa, pumpkin seed butter + dates – for a power packed nutritious snack. Serve these with a blueberry smoothie and you’ve got the important vit C to aid the iron absorption. Pumpkin seed butter is my new best friend. It’s full […]

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Photo credit Pepe Josephine

Pea pesto

Time on Instagram is well spent when I come across dishes as appealing as this quick cheesy pea pesto. This is an easy option for when there’s not a lot of veges in the house but for a bag of peas in the freezer. We all have those times, right? It makes a great pesto […]

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Cranberry hazelnut chocolate bark

Ingredients ¼ cup hazelnuts¼ cup large coconut flakes¼ cup dried cranberries ½ cup coconut oil½ cup dark cocoa powder¼ cup maple syrupPinch salt Method Preheat the oven to 180.Roast hazelnuts for ~ 10 minutes.Remove and place between two paper towels and rub most of the skins off.Toast the coconut flakes for ~ 3 minutes. Keep […]

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