Plant-based health


Top 8 reasons to eat & enjoy your vegetables

There may be more information available these days than there has ever been to reveal the mysteries of life, health & harmony, yet the simple task of feeding ourselves is as confusing as ever! Here are eight reasons why a plant-based diet is truly good for you. 1. Food is information It’s literally giving instructions […]

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Plant-based Food Guide

25 Beginner Tips to Guide Your Plant Based Eating Journey

Great! You’ve decided to include more plant-based meals into your diet. Here are 25 tips to get you started on a solid footing and to help keep you going when bumps pop up along the way. 1. Remember your ‘why’ When things feel wobbly it’s good to remember why you made the switch to a […]

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How to go dairy free

Are you thinking how to go dairy free? You can be forgiven if giving up dairy is hard for you. IT IS HARD! At first anyways. Yoghurt, ice cream and milkshakes are the summery fun memories of childhood; with brie and a bit of stinky blue keeping adults in reach of the cheese board. Dairy […]

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Katie Gets Juicy

The Juice on Juice

It’s cucumber season folks! Get them down your juicer in all their watery alkalising wonder-full-ness. Add in celery stalks, a couple of apples, green leaves (any or all of the following: kale, parsley, chard, lettuce), a slice of lime and a knob of ginger. Now sip your way to health! Juicing makes nutrients readily available […]

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From Vegetarian to Vegan

For all my years as a vegetarian I reckon I was as far away from taking the leap to veganism as my meat-loving friends. Sure I wasn’t eating meat but dairy was definitely on the menu. How else do you eat pasta and beans? Weren’t vegans just a little bit extreme – ok a lot! There were […]

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