Chia Pudding

This is heallthy pud at its best. Soothing and satisfying, chia pudding delivers protein, omegas, fibre, calcium & magnesium. Make in the morning for dessert or the night before for breakfast. I’m usually not that organised and will mix them up, stir, let sit and layer onto fruit compote or a smoothie bowl. Get creative […]

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vegan chocolate kake recipe

Vegan Chocolate Cake

This vegan chocolate cake has done the rounds of our community. It’s been trotted out since all our kids were little – not necessarily because it’s vegan but because it’s yummy and has never let anyone down. There are multiple variations ranging from sweeter to less fat needed, adding beetroot, using coffee or miso. How […]

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goji balls

Goji Balls

Goji berries are like a secret nutritional weapon. They punch way above other dried fruits and berries. Packed with plant protein they also deliver antioxidants and iron in one hit. They are however quite chewy so if your food processor isn’t super powerful be sure to soak them in hot water for several minutes. If […]

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Lime & Raspberry Coconut Loaf

If ever there was an easy vegan loaf it’s this one. Inspired by my partner’s ex wife’s partner’s mother (we like to keep things in the family!) I’ve added in the lime & raspberries with lime drizzle over the top. In its plainest form it’s completely delicious – so if you have neither lime nor […]

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IMG_20180413_124011_357 (Small)

Vegan Chocolate Brownie

This is one bold recipe! Tweaked by me. Inspired by Dana at The Minimalist Baker (a truly heavenly place to hang out on the interwebs). There’s just enough drys in here to give structure to the gooey fudgey deliciousness inside. And it’s not overly sweet, which means your toppings can have more of a stage. […]

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