Food Coaching

Whether you want to lose weight, boost your energy, overcome a big health challenge or simply gain a brand new perspective on your lifestyle, Food Coaching will help you nourish your body with foods that are right for you.

We begin by making a new choice: to invest not only in the results, but the journey.

“I want you to experience the feeling that comes through the food.”

The science is clear. The foods we consume, and especially a whole food plant-based diet, make a significant difference to our physical health outcomes and how good we feel on a daily basis.

But is it only the food?

Not always. We bring our whole selves to the table. How we eat, how we feel, how we approach each meal plays a big part in our nourishment.

I want you to feel deeply nourished.

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Kate Broughton  is a Registered Nurse, nutrition educator with a Certificate of Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and a certified life coach .

Kate works with her clients to build healthful relationships with their food, their lifestyle choices and with themselves.

Food Coaching can help you:
  • reach your nutrition and lifestyle goals (it’s not always about the food!)
  • build a portfolio of healthy meals that deeply satisfy and delight you
  • figure out which foods support your body and which foods you may want to replace
  • create quick and easy meals
  • explore oil-free cooking for maximum heart health & natural weight loss
  • make it easy to say: “Yes I can do this” … and keep on doing it
  • indulge in the pleasures of food – while making healthier choices
Cost for 3 sessions – NZ$325

To get started  contact Kate by email to discuss how natural food coaching will help you reach your personal health goals.

“Self care is everything because our health is everything”

What people are saying 

Anna, New Zealand

When I finally reached the point that I was ready to do something about my health and weight, I was sure Kate would be the right person to approach. Having previously been to one of her workshops, I knew that her sense of humour and practical approach to food and life would suit me. I wasn’t wrong.

The sessions I had with Kate set me up thoroughly for success. The goal setting was solid and helped me so much through the first few weeks of increasing my exercise and changing what I was eating. Her celebration of my successes, both big and small, was hugely motivating, and her questions during our discussions helped me delve into the why of what I was doing, which kept me focused and engaged.

I dropped sugar without even realizing it because the food I was eating was so good; now its effects are noticeable if I do have any. Kate’s warm and practical guidance was exactly what I needed. I’ve met every single goal I formulated after our first session.

Today I got my blood results back, so … on top of now being able to run for 15 minutes without stopping, dying or having a panic attack, I am bloody delighted to report that, since my last test in October, I have dropped my total cholesterol from 6.4 to 5.1, my LDL cholesterol from 4.5 to 3.3 and my cholesterol/HDL ratio from 4.6 to 3.6 … I’ve also happily discarded 10 kilos.


Becky, New Zealand 

I found my sessions with Kate to be a lovely respite where I knew, with certainty, that I was wisely investing in my health and well-being.

And it wasn’t all about food. Kate’s keen abilities to dig deep and help unlock barriers, be they time management or emotional issues around food, were so intuitive and flowing that I didn’t realise we were digging deep until I experienced the sense of relief that comes with finding solutions.

Personally, I’m not a strict vegetarian. But with an aim to eat as much plant-based and natural as possible, I found Kate’s food medicine coaching to be an invaluable resource. Kate has an uncanny ability to put anyone at ease — I highly recommend booking a session. Oh, and bring a folder for the amazing recipes and food ideas she will be sharing.


Kirsty, Canada 

Kate helped me move forward with my goals by opening my mind to unconsidered possibilities. She presented me with new approaches and processes which were simple to incorporate into my day to day life. Her guidance and foundations have enabled me to maintain a positive outlook and continued motivation.

Kate’s food medicine coaching program has been invaluable, helping me improve the ways I think about my relationships, my diet and general well-being.


Vanessa, NZ 

I think your course should be on prescription!


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