It’s common to think of old age as something that’s fraught with discomfort, frequent aches and pains and debilitating illness.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. And solutions can be simple!

Good food. Good daily habits, and high quality nutritional products are a powerful combination for living healthy and aging well.

As a nurse I always felt nutrition was the missing piece of the therapeutic puzzle. When I discovered whole-food plant-based eating, I couldn’t un-see the profound health benefits that are possible.

Welcome to my collection of easy plant-based recipes. As a family we have a lot of these on rotation!

I’m Kate Broughton, nurse, educator & plant-based foodie.

… when we look at populations around the world who age well and in good health – we find that they cultivate certain habits.

These long-living populations tend to:

  • eat mostly plants – their diets are high in fibre & antioxidants
  • eat fewer calories overall and less ’empty’ calories
  • eat up to ten serves of vegetables per day
  • work their bodies daily
  • enjoy social interaction
  • have a form of prayer or spiritual practice
  • maintain connection to local herbal folklore

I think that our DNA is not our destiny. We can stack the odds in our favour through our choices.

And the good news is, we’re closer to health & happiness than we think!

A bit more about me

  • A wild-colonial-girl-type upbringing on a New Zealand sheep farm
  • 22+ years nursing taught me about humility, suffering, hope & miracles
  • Motherhood at age 40 topped all previous life experiences
  • Eating only plants was an experiment we started in 2004
    … today we call it our lifestyle + love it
  • I have a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University & T Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies
  • Vegan chef Mark Reinfeld made me a better cook
  • Life Coaching Certification ironed out my wrinkles (not all of them!)
  • Partnering with LifeVantage and building an online business has been one of my best decisions ever!

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