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Join two super enthusiastic foodies for a fun, hands-on plant-powered cooking workshop!

Together we’ll prepare exciting plant-based dishes, raw and cooked, with breakout demos + tastings on the way to a 4-course finale.

Kate Broughton
Food + lifestyle coach

In Kate’s ideal world the food is real, cooking is celebrated and hospitals are empty. As a nurse with certificates in plant-based nutrition and life-coaching, Kate shares her 13+ years experience thriving on a plant-based diet.

Aaron Brunet
Masterchef NZ Winner

Plant-based for 4 years, Aaron has been on a life-changing journey of discovery after Masterchef. Now he’s ready to share his excitement to be enjoying food and life in a whole new way.

You will love this vegan cooking workshop if:

  • you’re ready to supercharge your life with nutrient-dense foods
  • you want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start
  • you’re keen to expand your culinary universe
  • you’re ready to nourish yourself with food that makes you feel alive!
  • you want your family to love food that loves them back

From beginner home-cook to seasoned foodie, you will be well supported throughout the workshop experience.

“The fun and flavour of this fabulous festive kitchen experience makes me want more, and gives me a new way of looking at food. Thank you so much” BB  

What you can expect:

  • paired-up social cooking (max participants about 14)
  • leading-edge ingredients + new cooking techniques
  • relaxed learning environment
  • exciting new recipes to wow your family and friends
  • cook with a Masterchef!

Beyond the plate …

Our workshops are about more than practical plant-based food preparation. We’ll also share our own evolution towards this powerful and rapidly growing lifestyle – one that not only serves the body we live in, but also the world we live in.

” I’ve had an amazing day! Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the setting, the people and of course the gorgeous food. Everything we made today, I will try again at home.” MC



Cooking and raw-ing it up with 
NZ Masterchef Aaron Brunet and Kate Broughton

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