1 life hack you don’t want to miss

If there was a way you could boost your energy, enhance your creativity and level out your emotions would you be interested?

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This is an activity that strikes a cord with me. You see – I’ve been resisting it for years.

With the depths of winter well and truly on us, now is a good time to be talking about rest. Or more specifically napping.

Throughout history many of our greatest minds were nappers. Leonardo, Salvador, Einstein … Winston Churchill believed all you needed was:

20 minutes of blessed oblivion to renew all your vital sources.

Doesn’t that sound divine?

Resisting that after lunch urge to close your eyes and head for oblivion is yet another way we don’t listen to our bodies. It’s another way we override what we really need.

Some cultures have got this sorted. They retire. They rest. Organisations are also getting in on it, providing workers with places to lie down. They know the benefit of listening to those primal circadian rhythms.

In her TED talk neurobiologist Sarah McKay says our desire to close our eyes is programmed into our biological clocks. And when we do, the science is there to back up the benefits. We’re more productive and creative after a nap. We’re nicer.

Let’s take it one step further

And surrender. That’s not giving in or anything weak. In fact it’s one of the strongest things you’ll ever do. It cultivates a passive energy that has it’s own kind of strength.

Think of it as melting into the love that you are. Consciously connecting with your light as you slide towards that blessed oblivion. It doesn’t take a course, or hours of meditating. You don’t need a book to show you how. Just relax and feel the calm space around you.

Now that’s a power nap.

Before you snuggle up I want to leave you with the words from Nap Queen herself – Sark.

“All at once you sail away into a nap, where tangled nerves are untied, and where time stops. Guilt and expectations are not welcome in napland. You can always find a reason. Find more reasons to let naps take you.”

Wishing you that certain kind of quiet.

Sweet dreams.

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