Vegan scalloped potatoes

Vegan scalloped potatoes will warm away the winter blues. It’s a creamy dish with a nod to rich, savoury, cheesy flavours. This is the ultimate comfort food. Make sure you have good quality potatoes, preferably organic. Ingredients 6 large potatoes (10 medium)1 leek, sliced (can sub with onions)3-4 cloves garlic, chopped1 cup cashews (soak in […]

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Balsamic Lentils

This recipe is the fancy version of what I take to work for lunch. Lentils plain and simple cooked in a nice stock with salt & pepper; utterly delicious. Serve with cauliflower puree and steamed broccoli or asparagus. Nice also with crusty bread, salad and a glass of red! Ingredients 1.5 cups dry French green […]

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pumpkin bean pilav

Roasted Pumpkin Bean Pilav with Rosemary

If you’ve time to throw a tray of roasted veges in the oven then this dish comes together pretty quickly. Here we combine, buttery beans, sweet pumpkin, nutty bulghur wheat and fragrant rosemary & garlic. It’s a good filling combo that works beautifully for a weekend lunch served with fresh salad or wilted greens. You […]

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red cabbage

Roasted Red Cabbage

If there was ever a silver lining to lockdown it was this! It’s the BEST thing you’ll ever do with red cabbage! What’s important here is time & wine. You’re aiming for succulence and a pleasing chewy outer layer. It pairs beautifully with mash and roasted baby onions & carrots. Or you can roast potato […]

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vegan fush cakes

Vegan Crabby Patties

Or you could call them vegan fush cakes, chickpea patties …. Topped with a tartare sauce they’re pretty convincing. Be sure to have the nori in them for that seaside taste. Cooking chickpeas from scratch is super easy and I think you get a way better result. They’re plumper and more buttery. Follow the steps […]

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Mushroom Chickpea Masala

Mushroom Chickpea Masala

This dish is a great reminder of the power of garnishing well. Here fresh aromatics alongside the crunch of toasted sesame seeds and sweetness of chutney add layers of flavour and interest. Garnish wildly! Ingredients Serves 4 1 onion, chopped1-inch fresh ginger, minced2 garlic, minced1 tsp oil2 cups mushrooms1 sachet tikka masala (or butter chicken) […]

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Black-eyed beans

Black eyed Beans with Smoky Southern flavours: slow cooked

Cooking black-eyed beans or any dry beans from scratch can seem like a chore. But with a little forethought and a slow cooker it’s super easy! Taking the time to soak, cook, salt & steep has them literally melt off the spoon. Start a few days before you want to serve them. I generally soak […]

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borlotti beans & bulghur (Small)

Bean Stew Cooked in Red Wine

This borlotti bean stew combines my favorite ingredients, namely beans, wine, mushrooms & greens. It’s quick to throw together and makes for the perfect weekend lunch dish.  Make the beans in the morning and by lunchtime they will be falling apart wrapped in a rich luscious sauce. Serve with your favourite grain or mash. Pictured is a […]

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bulghur wheat pilav (Small)

Bulghur Wheat Pilav: a fast cooking grain

Bulghur wheat is an often overlooked ingredient – I think largely because of the “demon” word “wheat”. But let’s be clear there’s wheat (highly augmented varieties grown that are highly processed with next-to-no nutritional value and inflammatory to boot) OR there are ancient grains, grown organically that have kept nations alive through generations.  This quick cooking […]

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canape (Small)

Vegan Appetizers with Sun-dried Tomato Walnut Pate

As we head into Autumn let’s celebrate the humble zucchini with these gorgeous vegan appetizers. Having this pretty recipe up your sleeve will impress your guests and is WAY better than a cheese platter, don’t you think?? They are best assembled close to eating. Prepare your favourite dip/spread ahead of time. This can be anything that […]

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