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Kale soup with white beans & sage

Kale soup is my number one favourite thing on a cold day.  It’s sagey, garlicky, beany and delicious with a sprinkle of cashew parmesan. Use the dark long kale also known as cavelo nero. This is a rustic, hearty meal-in-one kinda soup. Thickened with cornmeal, full of beans and kale, it has all your nutrient […]

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Not your average lentil stew

To be fair, no lentil soup/stew is average. They’re usually beyond comforting and tasty. And convenient. “But don’t you have to soak the lentils?” People often ask this and the answer is “you can, but you don’t have to.” It’s about improving digestibility. The bigger the bean the greater the need for soaking. Chick peas yes. […]

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A warming winter stew

Eek cooked cabbage! Not the nicest of thoughts for some of us. But paired up with golden kumara, peanuts, ginger and cayenne all your memories of soggy cooked cabbage will be forgotten. During the winter months this dish is a weekly staple in my kitchen. It’s a throw-it-all-in-the-pot type meal and goes well over couscous or […]

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Simple summer soup

When I want to combine all the flavours of summer this is the soup I crave. Simple, tasty and flexible. Ingredients 1 onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 carrot, chopped 2-3 new potatoes, scrubbed, halved and sliced thickly 1 zucchini, chopped Handful of green beans 2 tomatoes 6 cups water/vegetable stock 1 C fresh […]

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8 ingredients you usually throw out but shouldn’t

It’s no more “off with your skin and out you go!” Your relationship with vegetable waste is about to deepen. Vegetable stock is the ever versatile ingredient that will add depth to your soups and sauces. And you can easily make your own. Collect vegetable trimmings into a container in your fridge and you’ll soon […]

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miso soup

Miso: the number 1 health food you must have in your fridge

Fast food (that’s healthy) has actually been around since before fridges were invented. Those folks in the Far East know a thing or two about health, longevity and happiness. Legend has it that miso was given by the gods to bestow all three. Traditional oriental medicine has valued miso as a supreme medicine for the […]

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