family 2019

My best list for 2019

These guys. Without which all subsequent highlights wouldn’t have happened in quite the same way. Forever grateful. Forever loved. Cooking workshops! They were delicious in every way! Thank you to our hosts & all who came and cooked! Check out photos here on our Hall of Fame. A special thank you to Aaron who has […]

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Favourite book list 2019

I love a book recommendation so thought I’d share my top five from the year. Feel free to share back! (Please note these are affiliate links to Amazon, of which I get a finely julienned portion.) Best food book 2019 Arguably one of the best “diet” books (and I say that loosely), ever written. Marc […]

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Eight top reasons to eat & enjoy your vegetables

There may be more information available these days than there has ever been to reveal the mysteries of life, health & harmony, yet the simple task of feeding ourselves is as confusing as ever! Here are eight reasons why a plant-based diet is truly good for you. 1. Food is information It’s literally giving instructions […]

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Black-eyed beans

Black eyed Beans with Smoky Southern flavours: slow cooked

Cooking black-eyed beans or any dry beans from scratch can seem like a chore. But with a little forethought and a slow cooker it’s super easy! Taking the time to soak, cook, salt & steep has them literally melt off the spoon. Start a few days before you want to serve them. I generally soak […]

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Plant-based dessert

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops – Hall of Fame

Updated December 2019: Our plant-based cooking workshops are a fun way of learning how to eat more plants in a healthy & delicious way! Plant-based cooking workshop – Twin Lakes, Glenbervie LOVED the workshop and had lots of fun. The food was yummy, the people lovely and the environment a delight. HM Highlights: Hard to […]

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vegan chowder

Vegan Chowder with Fennel, Leek & Potato

This fragrant vegan chowder gives any version of chowder a run for its money. It’s rich n’ creamy and full of flavour. On first tasting it was declared “best soup ever” by my Austrian soup lover. He says that a lot! To make an oil-free version leave out the oil and go straight to adding […]

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bowl (1)

How to build a delicious Buddha bowl

Creating a Buddha bowl is perfect for those times when you can’t be bothered cooking let alone following a recipe. It’s more like assembling small parts and creating a symphony. There’s not always a fixed destination in mind. All I know is that my favourite tastes & textures end up in one place covered in […]

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satay sauce

Satay sauce for bowls, noddles and so much more

A quick satay sauce recipe is sooo handy for those moments when you want something super tasty that doesn’t take a lot of fuss. It’s perfect for an Asian style bowl or over roast pumpkin & noodles. Or even a bowl of steamed cauliflower. Delicious! This is not a low fat recipe. In fact quite […]

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cabbage soup

Cabbage Soup with White Bean & Potato

Cabbage soup dresses up beautifully with bohemian flavours. Here we lace it with smoked paprika, bay leaves, garlic and punchy aromatics like caraway & dill. If you’ve got half a cabbage languishing in the fridge, this is the perfect way to make the most of this generous and nutritious vegetable. I love the simplicity of […]

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easy lentil soup recipe

Easy Lentil Soup Recipe

This easy lentil soup recipe has only 4 ingredients and is perfect for those times when you can’t be bothered cooking or even thinking about it!

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