kateI want you to fall in love with your food

To savour + seduce yourself with flavours that are natural + wholesome + easy to prepare.

Hi I’m Kate Broughton – food &  lifestyle coach + plant-strong foodie.

“As a nurse I always felt nutrition was the missing piece of the therapeutic puzzle. Once I discovered the power of a wholefood plant-based diet I couldn’t un-see the profound health benefits that were possible.”

Through cooking workshops, group work and 1:1 coaching I’ve  seen clients increase their energy and mobility, reduce symptoms of heart failure, lose weight and take a stand for their own wellbeing.

If you spend any time with me you’ll discover I’m not one for restriction and dogma. I will, however, be the coach in your corner. I will push you to take better care of yourself. You’ll find you at the top of your own priority list creating a fresh new way of eating and living.

Make a nourishment plan that lasts a lifetime

Kate is available via Skype, phone and in person in Whangarei. Email vegancuisine.nz [at] gmail.com or phone +64 21 1617545.

If I were to write my memoirs this could be in it

A wild-colonial-girl-type upbringing on a New Zealand sheep farm

20 years nursing taught me about humility + suffering + hope + miracles

Motherhood at age 40 topped all previous life experiences

Eating only plants was an experiment we started in 2004
… today we call it our lifestyle + love it

I have a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University & T Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies

Vegan chef Mark Reinfeld made me a better cook

Life Coaching Certification ironed out my wrinkles (not all of them!) so I can help iron out yours

I am blessed to have worked with folk who have reclaimed their mojo through food. Priceless.

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