The Gentle Art of Dehydrating

It is a simple joy to empty the dehydrator of trays and trays of food. Crackers, bread sticks, vege burgers, corn chips, pizza bases and taco shells; cookies, granola and dried fruit have all emerged from my Excaliber at some time or other.

Obviously the coming out is easier than the going in but with practice filling the machine becomes less of a logistical challenge.

I generally soak nuts, seeds or buckwheat over a morning (usually because I’ve forgotten the night before!) and start preparing the dishes after lunch.

I aim to get the foods into the dehydrator by about 2ish so I can flip any before I go to bed … and the rest happens while I sleep.

Because of the long slow low heat of the dehydrator water is removed creating crispy goods that seem baked. This is great for retention of nutrients and flavour, and best of all no preservatives!

Anyone serious about a raw food diet will have heaps of fun creating tasty foods with this process. And somehow there is smug satisfaction in using up all the surplus seasonal fruit. Now back to those persimmons …

For great recipes using a dehydrator check out The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw

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