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Read stories of people’s plant-based lifestyle journeys.

Loving it – Kayla’s story

I decided to become vegan just over a month ago and there have been dramatic changes within me since. I have lost weight naturally and I love it. My skin loves it. My entire body loves it. I have so much energy these days. Before I made the decision I was a smoker and becoming […]

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My Journey to Veganism – Steve Circeo

I think a lot. I analyze life, far beyond the extent that most people analyze life. In fact, I analyze everything about life, often to the irritation of those around me. The best way to load the dishwasher. The most efficient way to mow the lawn. The safest route to the grocery store. I don’t […]

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The Peace of Mind of a Plant-Based Diet – Heather’s Story

In brief, I think a plant-based diet has brought peace of mind to my husband and I. You can’t put a price on knowing that we’ve decreased our risk for cancer and chronic disease to as low as we possibly can. My husband’s cholesterol dropped 100 points (triglycerides dropped 200 points) in the first 3 […]

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Not Vegan Yet – Johanna’s Story

I have been a vegetarian for many years but never thought that I could become vegan because of my love affair with cheese. Becoming vegetarian was really awesome for my cooking skills – to be a healthy vegetarian you have to be creative in the kitchen or else your diet can become very boring and […]

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