bulghur wheat

pumpkin bean pilav

Roasted Pumpkin Bean Pilav with Rosemary

If you’ve time to throw a tray of roasted veges in the oven then this dish comes together pretty quickly. Here we combine, buttery beans, sweet pumpkin, nutty bulghur wheat and fragrant rosemary & garlic. It’s a good filling combo that works beautifully for a weekend lunch served with fresh salad or wilted greens. You […]

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bulghur wheat pilav (Small)

Bulghur Wheat Pilav: a fast cooking grain

Bulghur wheat is an often overlooked ingredient – I think largely because of the “demon” word “wheat”. But let’s be clear there’s wheat (highly augmented varieties grown that are highly processed with next-to-no nutritional value and inflammatory to boot) OR there are ancient grains, grown organically that have kept nations alive through generations.  This quick cooking […]

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Brown lentil soup

Turkish Lentil Soup

This is part soup part stew. It’s beyond comforting and tasty. And convenient. “But don’t you have to soak the lentils?” People often ask this and the answer is “you can, but you don’t have to.” It’s about improving digestibility. The bigger the bean the greater the need for soaking. Chick peas yes. Kidney beans […]

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