Vegan dessert

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Iron-rich truffles kids will love

And mums and dads! Here we combine iron rich foods – prunes, walnuts, raw cacao/dark cocoa, pumpkin seed butter + dates – for a power packed nutritious snack. Serve these with a blueberry smoothie and you’ve got the important vit C to aid the iron absorption. Pumpkin seed butter is my new best friend. It’s full […]

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Cranberry hazelnut chocolate bark

Cranberry Hazelnut Chocolate Bark Ingredients ¼ cup hazelnuts¼ cup large coconut flakes¼ cup dried cranberries ½ cup coconut oil½ cup dark cocoa powder¼ cup maple syrupPinch salt Method Preheat the oven to 180.Roast hazelnuts for ~ 10 minutes.Remove and place between two paper towels and rub most of the skins off.Toast the coconut flakes for […]

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6 Quick & Healthy Desserts Kids will Love

Dessert for kids is not always the icing on the, ahem, cake. Sometimes it is pure strategy. By that I mean a vehicle for extra nutrition that’s delicious and won’t have them climbing the walls at bedtime. Think chocolate and spinach smoothie, or raspberry chia pudding. When it comes to new foods kids can be […]

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The best three ingredients you’ll ever combine

Correction. The best three ingredients for a sweet you’ll ever combine. This Walnut Sauce has truly got the award for the savoury version. You may also like: Chocolate coated cookie dough truffles oh and probably this brownie Sugar-free sweet potato brownie

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Cookie dough truffles

Prepare to swoon. These truffles have been grabbing all the attention at school, after school, at talks and events. For parties I coat them in chocolate. More commonly they’re in the freezer nude for a quick high protein snack. Play the secret-ingredient game. Few people will pick they’re made of chickpeas. Ingredients 1 can cooked […]

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