New Vegan Cooking Classes

Take 2 enthusiastic foodies, add 11 people keen to learn more about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of eating a plant-based diet, mix them up in a social cooking environment, garnish with an outstanding menu and simmer for 6 hours.

The result?

A show stopping chowder, divine desserts, astonishing colours and a warm vibe that belied the few hours we had spent together.

The first Plant-Powered Kitchen Cooking Workshop was underway.

It would be easy to imagine we were all already on a plant-based journey. Not so. In fact until the recent upsurge in vegan awareness most workshop comers were those who adored good food and were looking for healthy options.

There were mums looking to support their young adults navigate a new food landscape. Others in search of new vegan recipes and inspiration.

Many arrive wanting to foster a love of food that goes beyond what they already  know. For some a vegan cooking class supports and nurtures their chosen plant-based lifestyle.

And part of the fun is peppering the menu with interesting ingredients and cooking techniques.

Here’s what a few of our participants had to say:

Honestly I loved the class so much.  I have nothing negative to say.  I was actually really stressed about going (with the whole hating to cook thing lol) but seriously enjoyed myself. Oh and I should mention I absolutely want to attend another class. Amanda

Both Chris and I found it inspiring and it was a really fun thing for us to do together as mother and son.  We both came home buzzing.  I thought that there was a great mix of people and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with people who had a common interest.  I thought the format worked well – I liked the mix of cooking, information gathering and eating scattered throughout the day.  It was the perfect length, which made for a relaxing day and that is an important ingredient for a weekend! Wendy

Needless to say, the food was superb, flavour and otherwise, packed with nutrients, and left me feeling nourished and light at the same time. Kate and Aaron managed to create a space, in which everything flowed with ease, and rather than feeling exhausted by the end of the day, I felt enriched and strangely happy! Brigitte

And we had a little help, thanks to the following generous souls who helped stuff our goodie bags with delicious morsels and offerings.

Go check them out:

Sabato – fine food store – full of gourmet goodies (like dark chocolate, classy vinegars, kiwi quinoa)

Viola Organics – Organic skin care products –

Ola Pacifica – single origin dark chocolate –

Fe Grimshaw – food grade essential oils 021608809

Photos courtesy of Amanda Reelick Photography

There was way more, but let’s not give it all away 😉

Come along to our next workshop! Register your interest here and we’ll keep you in the loop.