BBQ Jackfruit

Jackfruit has been making a bit of splash in vegan circles for a while now. Namely for its chewy, dare I say ‘meaty’ texture and it’s ability to take on flavours. Here we’re using simple savoury flavours and drying it out in the oven.

I’ve opted for an oil-free version as I really can’t tell the difference. It’s delicious and healthy!

Be sure you buy your can of jackfruit in brine not syrup. I’ve used one can in this recipe as it goes surprisingly far and suits the size of my cookware. If you’ve a large roasting dish/baking tray and want to feed 4-6 people double the recipe.

You can make it without liquid smoke at a pinch but be sure to have the smoked paprika.


1 large brown onion, thinly sliced into strips
1/4 cup vegan beef/chicken stock

4 button mushrooms, sliced
1 Tbl tamari

1 tin green Jackfruit in brine
2-4 cloves garlic
1 tsp cumin powder
1.5 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp chilli powder or to taste
1/2 cup more stock
1 tsp liquid smoke
Salt & pepper


Cook the onions in the 1/4 cup stock for 10 mins or until water nearly absorbed. Add mushrooms, garlic and tamari. Splash in a little more oil if sticking.

While the onions are cooking drain the jackfruit. You’ll see it’s like a pineapple with a hard pointy piece. Slice into that and squash it with your hand. You want it feathered rather than solid. Add to the onions with all the other ingredients.

Simmer until the liquid is absorbed. Stirring well to integrate the spices.

Heat oven 200C. Spread onto a baking try or roasting dish lined with baking paper. Bake 1 hour, re-spreading at intervals. You’re aiming for a chewy texture. It may need longer to get the texture you like.

Serve with tacos, or on rice, baked sweet potato …. top with avocado, coriander, tomotoes, corn, all manner of salads!

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