bulghur wheat pilav (Small)

Bulghur Wheat Pilav: a fast cooking grain

Bulghur wheat is an often overlooked ingredient – I think largely because of the “demon” word “wheat”. But let’s be clear there’s wheat (highly augmented varieties grown that are highly processed with next-to-no nutritional value and inflammatory to boot) OR there are ancient grains, grown organically that have kept nations alive through generations.  This quick cooking […]

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canape (Small)

Vegan Appetizers with Sun-dried Tomato Walnut Pate

As we head into Autumn let’s celebrate the humble zucchini with these gorgeous vegan appetizers. Having this pretty recipe up your sleeve will impress your guests and is WAY better than a cheese platter, don’t you think?? They are best assembled close to eating. Prepare your favourite dip/spread ahead of time. This can be anything that […]

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6 favourite winter meals

There’s nothing like savouring the first mouthful of something deliciously hot on a cold day. Here are 6 vegan family meals that will do just that. If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll know my go-to is piping hot mashed potato piled with steamed spinach, maybe broccoli, maybe sauerkraut, and more than likely a […]

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black bean tacos (Small)

Easy black bean tacos with vegan sour cream

Having a super quick & tasty recipe up your sleeve is essential to lazy summer days and feeding unexpected visitors. With a few simple ingredients in the cupboard you’ll be all set to serve up a quick Mexican style meal. The key is to have great salsa and good quality corn tortillas. I use LaMorena […]

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Savoury porcini tarts

It’s kinda hard to find a savoury vegan tart when you’re out and about. Pies yes, tarts not so much. There’s something seriously comforting about a small, hot savoury tartlet bursting with flavour, paired up with a sweet chutney, a rainy day and a good book. Luckily they’re not difficult to make or adapt to your old […]

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