black bean tacos (Small)

Easy black bean tacos with vegan sour cream

Having a super quick & tasty recipe up your sleeve is essential to lazy summer days and feeding unexpected visitors. With a few simple ingredients in the cupboard you’ll be all set to serve up a quick Mexican style meal.

The key is to have great salsa and good quality corn tortillas. I use LaMorena Red Mexican Sauce and Tio Pablo tortillas. You’ll find both in the international section of most supermarkets. And be sure to serve with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a sprinkle of coriander.

makes 4 servings


2x cans black beans (Delmaine), rinsed & drained
1-2 cans LaMorena Red Mexican Sauce

Simply add the beans and sauce to a pan and heat through. Mash with a fork as it’s heating so you get a variation in texture. Add more chilli/ jalapenos as desired.


fresh coriander
lettuce + carrot, shredded (optional)

Prepare the tortillas by lightly wetting and cooking in a hot pan for 30 seconds each side. Fill with beans, fixings and top with vegan sour cream, lime juice and fresh coriander.

The beans are also delicious as a breakfast burrito wrapped up with steamed kale or other greens.


Dimi makes this great black bean – tomato combo which is delicious on quick cooking polenta or rice. It involves some shortcuts and amounts are variable so be creative!

Start by making the base. Combine the stock, peanut butter, Sriracha, savoury yeast, then add the beans & tomatoes. Simmer and adjust seasonings and flavours.

Feel free to start with sauteed onions & garlic and add other vegetables at whim. Add tomato paste for a thicker sauce.

1 can black beans (mash about half)
1 can tomatoes (Mutti are the best brand)
1 cup beef-style stock (1 tsp Massel powder in water)
1 Tbl heaped Smoke & Fire peanut butter (from Fix n’ Fogg)
2 Tbl savoury yeast
Sriracha chilli sauce to taste
Fresh coriander to serve

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