Are you setting yourself up?

Tell me.

Is there something that makes you feel good that you’re just not doing?

I’m talking about that thing that recalibrates you, centers you.stepping into new territory (Small)

Maybe it’s an early morning walk, 10 minutes meditation or a practice of gratitude.

Perhaps it’s as simple as drinking lots of water.

I could list a few things that come and go for me. They so easily drop off the end of the endless list. Or just plain get forgotten as life speeds past.

But lately I’ve started to do yoga again.

{Shoulders soften}

It makes me stand still.

{Deep breath}

I feel grounded and connected to my body.

It’s easy not to have the time. But the price of not doing it is really too high.

Without it there’s no pause for me. No loosening up energy and joints.

And here’s the thing. It’s part of a set up. One act of self care begets another.

I eat cleaner. Stand straighter. I face the world stronger.

It’s in these moments of mindfullness that inspirations pop in. Problems are solved. Our next step is revealed.

No matter how simple, our small but important practices help our energy spiral upwards.

They make space for self care aka self love.

Is there something you’re not doing?

Do that. SAM_2296 (Small)

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