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My best list for 2019

These guys. Without which all subsequent highlights wouldn’t have happened in quite the same way. Forever grateful. Forever loved. Cooking workshops! They were delicious in every way! Thank you to our hosts & all who came and cooked! Check out photos here on our Hall of Fame. A special thank you to Aaron who has […]

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Mother and son (Small)

Where did my energy go? How to get it back in 6 easy steps

Energy. What a slippery character. Sometimes you’re brimming with it and other times you’re wading through molasses. Now I don’t know about you but I sure have some leaky areas in my life that literally steal my energy. Before we get into how to boost + sustain our energy let’s look at where we commonly […]

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Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography

Tell yourself something good

Have you heard the story of the grandfather in the supermarket with the screaming toddler? All the way around the shop he was quietly saying: “There there William, everything will be alright” “You’re doing great” “We’re nearly finished”. His voice was soothing and calm as he moved from aisle to aisle. His grandson wailing and flailing […]

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One habit worth cultivating

It was never meant to be this one. In fact I hadn’t considered it until it came tumbling out of mouth while on Kara-Leah Grant’s Habit Hacking Workshop. “I’m going to get up early for 40 days in a row!” I blurted out. Deep down I was over it. Staying in bed was feeding that […]

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1 life hack you don’t want to miss

If there was a way you could boost your energy, enhance your creativity and level out your emotions would you be interested? This is an activity that strikes a cord with me. You see – I’ve been resisting it for years. With the depths of winter well and truly on us, now is a good […]

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Are you setting yourself up?

Tell me. Is there something that makes you feel good that you’re just not doing? I’m talking about that thing that recalibrates you, centers you. Maybe it’s an early morning walk, 10 minutes meditation or a practice of gratitude. Perhaps it’s as simple as drinking lots of water. I could list a few things that […]

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A Gift of Words

This year, rather than choosing one word to be my guiding light for the year ahead, I’m choosing four. Or rather they’ve chosen me. They’ve taken up residence in my heart. And true to their metaphor they’re shining bright. I’m going to take you on a journey. A Christmas journey. Down country roads lined with […]

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Seven Steps To A Frazzle-Free Xmas

Is your calendar a mass of end-of-year parties, pot lucks and prize-givings? And your to-do list looks like it’s on steroids! Itʼs a hard time of year to keep your tinsel on straight. But with a bit of planning and good self care, you can side step the mayhem and sail smoothly and happily towards […]

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Why Connecting Children With Nature Matters

Pause for a minute and think of your favourite memories of childhood play. Were you hurtling down a hill on cardboard? Digging a hole to China? Or making a hut at the end of the garden? Whatever your version, Iʼm guessing you were outside. Mine was under an old totara tree. The branches came all […]

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