family 2019

My best list for 2019

These guys.

Without which all subsequent highlights wouldn’t have happened in quite the same way. Forever grateful. Forever loved.

Cooking workshops!

They were delicious in every way! Thank you to our hosts & all who came and cooked! Check out photos here on our Hall of Fame. A special thank you to Aaron who has taught me to love dark chocolate & sourdough, yes in the same mouthful, and many other tasty delights.

The Death Dialogues.

This performance, held so gently by director Becky Aud Jennison, created a space of honouring & witness. It’s been ten years since my best friend left us.

It was good to spend time with her.

It was good to gather.

It was good to tell our stories.

For ongoing conversations about death, grief and beyond follow The Death Dialogues Project Podcast.

My top five books 2019

Food. Cooking. Fiction. Find my recommends here.

Best new health add on

I’m chilled out on these herbs for reals. NRf2 activation is making waves in people’s lives reducing inflammation, anxiety, enhancing sleep and a bunch more. Find out how they work and get in touch. I’m happy to say I’ve aligned with the company and am loving the experience on all levels!

Wishing you a wonderous start to 2020!

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