One habit worth cultivating

It was never meant to be this one. In fact I hadn’t considered it until it came tumbling out of mouth while on Kara-Leah Grant’s Habit Hacking Workshop.

“I’m going to get up early for 40 days in a row!” I blurted out.

Deep down I was over it. Staying in bed was feeding that part of me I really didn’t like. The small part. The part that told me stuff that wasn’t true. Like, “you’re not a morning person.” “you’ll never get up early to write” and sometimes the depressing “why bother”.

But here I was facing 40 days of reinventing my normal. Rewriting my storytaking the plunge (Small)


Here are 6 things I learnt about getting up early.

1. It’s my time. Mine. Zero sharing. Zero having to be anything for anybody. I can write, roll out my yoga mat, read, or just sit and greet the dawn with a cuppa. By. Myself.

2. I’ve freed up space in my brain. There’s no “I wish I’d …” or “Will I or won’t I.” I’m up and that’s it. That equals more creative space, more inner calm.

3. Self care in any measure begets more self care. I’ve done something tender and kind for myself. It feels good. It sets a good foundation for looking after myself throughout the day.

4. It may create change in others. In other words, there may be speedbumps in your closest relationships. Why? Because when you make a commitment to something new, something empowering, your loved ones will feel a shift. And as positive as it is, that shift can kick up stuff.

5. I can. Yes I can write that book, blog, article. Yes I can cultivate a daily yoga practice. Yes I can go for an early morning walk. Yes I can reframe my overwhelm that there’s never enough time because I’ve graced myself with more. Caveat: This is distinct from just doing more. It’s more like wise management.

6. Rituals help. Weaving some simple actions around this practice has helped it feel like a daily treat. Something natural. I roll out my yoga mat the night before. My favourite blanket is on the couch. When I rise I light a candle. And yes there’s a silent cup of tea.

By day 40 I felt capable and more confident. Who knew that would be the outcome of getting up early?

So what’s next? Today is day 10 of 40 days of yoga. Wish me luck!


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