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smoothie (Small)

Recipe: Goji berry smoothie

This is without a doubt the prettiest smoothie around and the tastiest! Plus it comes with the powerful nutrient punch of goji berries – known for their stratospheric levels of antioxidants, huge amounts of vit C, all the 8 essential amino acids, heaps of iron and plenty more. They also make a great snack or lunchbox […]

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Warning: It will stain your blender and is totally worth it

Two ways with tumeric that don’t involve curry You know when you hear of something new and then it’s everywhere? I went to a yellow party. Most people wore fluffy yellow wigs + rugby shirts. My friend rubbed herself with fresh tumeric root and glowed all evening. Next a runaway monk handed me this.  You […]

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tea and flowers (Small)

6 health boosting drinks

It’s true I’ve drunk a lot of tea in my time, quite a lot of coffee and yes I confess to a reasonable amount of imbibing. Each of which robs my body of nutrients, raises my blood pressure, cancer risk (yes alcohol does that) and weakens my immune system. Here are some options to crowd […]

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Creaming soda smoothie

This is healthy party food for kids – think colour and bubbles. I had a bunch of seven-year-old boys gulp them down – pause to wonder why they were green – then slurp the rest and run off. Mission accomplished! Ingredients 1/2 C almond/rice/oat/soy milk1/2 C soda water1 apple (or fresh juice1 frozen banana/pineapple1 banana1/4 […]

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Katie Gets Juicy

The Juice on Juice

It’s cucumber season folks! Get them down your juicer in all their watery alkalising wonder-full-ness. Add in celery stalks, a couple of apples, green leaves (any or all of the following: kale, parsley, chard, lettuce), a slice of lime and a knob of ginger. Now sip your way to health! Juicing makes nutrients readily available […]

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