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Energy balls that power pack your kid’s lunchbox

Are processed bars and snacks sneaking into your kitchen cupboards? Would you love to provide a healthier homemade version?

When my son and his friends gobble up these not-too-sweet-chocolatey treats I know they are getting sustained energy, omegas, iron and all manner of vitamins and minerals. 

Attention athletes, yogis and busy mums: these will keep you going too!

Take a stroll around school at lunch time and there’s a mountain of highly processed products being unwrapped.

The issues are obvious: sugar, fat, salt, chemicals and rubbish!

This type of fuel gets our children buzzing around the playground with the ensuing energy crash reserved for the classroom.

Short-term energy from fast release sugars = stimulation, not nourishment. And adults are not immune – think coffee, sugar, energy slump, coffee …

I’ve fallen into this trap myself. It’s called convenience.

How to make nutrient dense sweet treats

Luckily it’s as easy as getting out your food processor.┬áCombine these three types of wholefoods into a complementary energy & nutrient kapow!


1 cup chopped dried unsulphured fruits (dates & raisins; figs & apricots; or cranberries & prunes)
1/2 cup nuts and seeds (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, chia seeds)
1 cup whole oats
1/2 cup coconut
1 Tbl cocoa/cacao or carob powder
1/2 Tbl vanilla essence
1/3 cup apple juice or water


  1. Finely chop the dried fruit in food processor. Add the nuts & seeds, then the oats, coconut & cocoa powder. Blend until fairly uniform.
  2. Slowly add vanilla essence and apple juice until the mixture combines.
  3. Shape into balls and roll in extra coconut. Refrigerate.

Mix n’ match your ingredients. My favourite iron- omega-rich combo is cranberry & prunes with walnuts, chia and pumpkin seeds.

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