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Iron-rich truffles kids will love

And mums and dads! Here we combine iron rich foods – prunes, walnuts, raw cacao/dark cocoa, pumpkin seed butter + dates – for a power packed nutritious snack. Serve these with a blueberry smoothie and you’ve got the important vit C to aid the iron absorption. Pumpkin seed butter is my new best friend. It’s full […]

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Smokey Almonds

There are some foods that smell better than they taste. Agree? And there are some smells and tastes that are, … well, so ingrained that to reconnect with them on any level is kinda cool. Bacon is one of those. I could no more think of eating it than fly to the moon. But we […]

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How to make buckwheat crackers

Make ’em small and call them crackers. Make ’em bigger and call them a pizza base. Either way your gluten free & raw friends will love you for making them and Mark Reinfeld’s Idiots Guide to Eating Raw for the recipe. You can even crumble them into a salad for an extra source of protein […]

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Beetroot dip

In your armory of healthy vegan recipes this has to be in it. In a word: stunning. It goes something like this: Cook a couple of beets until soft. Toast a sprinkle of cumin seeds in a dry pan until the aroma is released ~1 min. Grind seeds. Place beets & cumin in food processor […]

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