Vegan baking

vegan chocolate kake recipe

Vegan Chocolate Cake

This vegan chocolate cake has done the rounds of our community. It’s been trotted out since all our kids were little – not necessarily because it’s vegan but because it’s yummy and has never let anyone down. There are multiple variations ranging from sweeter to less fat needed, adding beetroot, using coffee or miso. How […]

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Lime & Raspberry Coconut Loaf

If ever there was an easy vegan loaf it’s this one. Inspired by my partner’s ex wife’s partner’s mother (we like to keep things in the family!) I’ve added in the lime & raspberries with lime drizzle over the top. In its plainest form it’s completely delicious – so if you have neither lime nor […]

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Chewy chickpea cookies

I’m loving these high protein gluten-free cookies. They’re super easy to make, great for the lunch box and perfect for a mid morning cuppa. Warning: eating only one is a little tricky. The chia seeds act as an egg substitute bringing essential omegas and slow release energy, whilst also being another source of protein. But […]

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Go Go Goji Berry Bar

We eat a lot of bliss balls in our house. Like these ones and these ones. But when time is short and the lunchbox calls. I ‘press’ instead of roll. 1 C dried coconut 1 C oats 2 cups dates, chopped (soak if hard) ½ C goji berries, chopped 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 Tbl […]

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Vegan Christmas Cake

This cake is a good mix of ‘easy’ + ‘Xmas-spice-fruity combo’. And with molasses and not too much sugar I call it health food. Actually I’ve been known to call it breakfast! It’s not a long lasting cake but never needs to be! Ingredients 675 g mixed fruit 450 ml water 150 ml oil (rice […]

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Egg & dairy-free fruity loaf

As a child I remember bowls of dried fruit soaked in tea overnight ready for baking the next day. This recipe harks back to a rhythm and comfort of my mother’s kitchen. It’s hard to beat a thick slice of moist spicy fruit loaf. Of course in those days it was covered in butter. But it tastes […]

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Sugar-free sweet potato brownie

Hail to Deliciously Ella for the idea of putting kumara (sweet potato) into a brownie recipe. The satisfying starch works beautifully to fill up hungry children. The original recipe uses almond meal so can easily be gluten free. I’ve changed it according to what I had in the pantry and it worked just fine. I’ve […]

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Gluten free cookies for kids on the go (& adults)

Confession. There are a couple of occasions when my oil free mantra goes out the window – garlicky oil drizzled on homemade pizza – or worse the temptation of a hot chip. Yes I’m imperfectly perfect. So these cookies are one of the few recipes in these pages that contain coconut oil. 1 Tbl chia soaked […]

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How to substitute eggs

An excellent resource! My favourite alternatives are flax & chia seeds.  

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Rhubarb Cake

This is a great example of an egg-free cake – full, moist with the sweet tart flavour of rhubarb. Ingredients 1 cup soy/almond milk 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (white vinegar or lemon is ok) 1/2 cup rice bran oil 1 cup raw/brown sugar 1 Tbl ground flaxseed mixed in 4 Tbl water 1 teaspoon […]

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